What the heck is a BDL Blank?

So, Digitrax has this wonderful block detection board called the BDL168.  It’s great for detecting trains and all that, but it has one drawback…

What if you need to remove it for some reason but you want to still be able to run trains?  Maybe your board has a fault and needs to be sent back for repair.  Maybe you want to sell your layout, but keep your expensive electronics. Or you are wiring the layout up, but haven’t purchased your BDL168(s) yet. Perhaps you have two layouts, but your budget won’t allow you to purchase more than one board.

Because the rail feeders run through the BDL168, removing it open-circuits the layout and stops everything dead.  So, what to do?  Rewire the layout?

No… just pick up one of these little guys, and plug it into the BDL168’s socket in place of the BDL168 itself. Voila! The layout is up and running while your BDL168 is somewhere else.

BDL Blank

The BDL Blank is a very simple board. It doesn’t even have any components.  Plus, it is reversible.  You can’t even install it wrong.

(Not affiliated with or endorsed by Digitrax in any way whatsoever, of course)

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