About Us

Do the right thing.

Appalachian Rail Technology is a new business venture we plan to found in 2014 (or 2015) to bring modern technology and ease of use to the model railroad hobby.  We hope our selection of products and services will be a welcome addition to your hobby experience.

Our focus is on providing compact, reliable circuits that either fill in the holes in standard offerings, or provide some unique combination of features that fill a specific need.  We won’t be replacing DCC anytime soon, but we will have just the right circuit to go … right … there…  on your layout.  And if one of our standard offerings doesn’t quite fit the bill, we’ll customize it for you.

And at all times, our motto is Do the right thing.  We have to make enough of a profit to stay in business and continue to grow and develop new ideas, of course, but we want you to win as much as we do.  So we will always be looking out for the best way to bring value to your layout in exchange for your hard earned dollars.

Officially speaking, this business is still in the “ideas and planning” stage.  We don’t actually exist yet, and we aren’t actually conducting any business beyond research and planning for the day when we do “open our doors”.