This page will outline our policies, once I develop them…  for now these are “drafts”, reflecting my current thinking, but should not yet be considered official.

International Orders

Most of our products are electronics, which tend to be regulated by any number of governmental agencies.  At this time, until I better understand regulations in the other areas and ensure compliance, I am unable to sell and/or ship into countries other than the US.  I will be working this, and hope to allow international sales at some point in the future.

Sales Tax

We do not collect sales tax.  I trust that you will “settle up” with your state and local authorities according to the taxing regulations in your area.


We charge actual shipping costs, plus a small bit to cover packaging expenses.


  • USPS First Class with Tracking
  • USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail
  • UPS / FedEx / DHL by request.

Returns and Exchanges

Should you find a problem with one of our products, we would like to get it back, so that we can learn from the failure and improve things.  Please contact us to discuss the problem and obtain an RMA prior to return shipping.

We are still working out warranty terms.  But, as our motto is “Do the right thing”, rest assured we will do our best to see that you are satisfied.

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