Here’s a brief list of products coming soon by category…

More information can be found on the Product pages, and will be coming soon.

  •  Complete Modular Signal System (MSS) integrated system boards
    • MCB-1 : Mini “Crossover” board
    • BCB-1 : Basic “Crossover” board
    • BCS-1 : Basic “Cascade” signal board
  • Modular Signal System (MSS) Accessories
    • ModuleEnder : right angle RJ45 adaptor with mounting options for module ends
    • MSS Tester: Test board for testing out MSS boards and installations
  • “Bit” Series Individual Function Boards
    • SensorBit-CT : CT-coil block occupancy sensor
    • SensorBit-IR : Infrared optical train detector
    • SignalBit-H : Single head signal driver board
    • SignalBit-M : Dual head signal driver board
  •  Accessories
    • CT-1 and CT-2 Remote CT coil sensors
    • DT-1 DCC bus terminator

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