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Electronic accessory products to make your model railroading life easier.

Here are a few previews:

Current Sensors for Block Detection

These curent sense transformers work with many detection boards to detect the presence of locomotives, lighted cars, or resistor equipped cars on your layout.  Multiple installation options are available.

Note that these are only the current sense transformers (“CT Coils”) and must be paired with a detector board to function properly.

CT-1 Remote Coil Detector

The CT-1 features an onboard “tombstone” style coil and screw terminals for wiring to the detector board.  Install by running the track feeder wire through the hole in the transformer and connecting the detector wires up.


  • Compact size (0.7″ x 0.7″)
  • Solder-free installation
  • M3 / #4-40 mounting hole
  • 1:100 turns ratio for high sensitivity

CT-2 Remote Coil Detector

The CT-2 features an onboard coil and screw terminals for both the track feeders and the remote sense wire.  The CT-2 can be easier to retrofit into existing layouts, as you can clip the feeder wire and connect to the CT-2 terminals with no soldering required.  The feeder wire terminals are connected directly through the transformer (no diode drops!) and have a 6A continuous current capacity.


  • Compact size (0.7″ x 0.5″)
  • Solder-free installation
  • Screw terminals for both track feeder wire and remote sense wire
  • 1:100 turns ratio for high sensitivity
  • Alternate turns ratios available on request

DCC Accessories

DT-1 DCC Bus Terminator

In certain circumstances, long DCC bus runs may experience “ringing” and other noise issues that can interfere with good DCC communications.  The DT-1 bus terminator can help clean up your bus signals.  Recommended for modular layouts or DCC bus runs over 30 feet.


  • Compact size (less than 1″ square)
  • M3 / #4-40 mounting hole — secure the loose end of your bus
  • 3 connector styles:
    • DT-1S : Screw terminals
    • DT-1P : Spring-lock terminals
    • DT-1F : Freemo-N compatible Anderson PowerPoles



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