We offer custom electronics design, including circuit / schematic design, PCB design and assembly.  If you have a particular need that is not served by the more general commercial offerings out there, drop us a line and we can discuss.

Because the resources required for custom circuit design vary considerably with the project requirements, we do not have a set rate for the work, but we are more interested in the success of your hobby than in making great profits.  We will negotiate a fair price for the services rendered, such that our costs are fairly compensated and your wallet is happy.


Service Offerings

Layout Electrical Design

From a little advice to a complete turnkey design, we can help you put together a quality electrical plan for your model empire.

Custom Circuit Design

Bring us your project requirements and we will help you design a circuit to meet the needs.  Designs as simple as a pair of connectors or as complex as a microcontroller based system can be accommodated.  We can also help with component and package selection, and higher level design issues as well.

Custom PCB Design and Fabrication

Whether it’s your own circuit or one of ours, we can design a custom PCB for it.  We can handle PTH or surface mount components, connectors, mounting options and other features.

If needed, we will also handle selection of and working with the PCB fabrication shops to fabricate your design at the best combination of cost, performance and lead time.

PCB Assembly

This offering is still in the planning stages.  We plan to offer small-volume PCB assembly including surface mount or PTH components of most sizes and shapes.

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